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FDAQRC FAQs for Consultant Registration

FAQs about consultant pre-registration and during registration.

Question- I’m unable to submit my application because it keeps prompting travel restrictions when I am a US citizen, how can I submit my application? 

Answer: Type ‘none’ for your travel restriction.  


Question- Are you directly affiliated with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)? 

Answer: No, we are not directly affiliated with the FDA. 


Question: Part 2 of the registration is not showing up on the profile, what should I do? 

Answer: Log out and log back in. Please email operations@fdaqrc.com if you continue to have issues. 


Question: There is a writing sample in the registration process. Is it possible to skip that section as the content will belong to a company and would be confidential?  

Answer: It is important to our clients that we appropriately vet all our consultants. One of those steps is reviewing writing samples. You are welcome to provide redacted reports, blogs/articles you’ve written or answer the writing prompts as listed in the registration process.  


Question- What kind of references are you looking for? 

Answer: Any professional reference is acceptable. It can be a former colleague, manager, etc.  


Question: “I use an umbrella company” – i.e., 3rd party for finance when working with US-based companies. How do we proceed if the 3rd party is not with FDAQRC? 

Answer: The 3rd party company lead/owner will need to register the same way a consultant will register. The 3rd party will sign the onboarding document packet. The consultant is responsible for signing an FDAQRC Consultant Handbook during onboarding.  


Question: Do you provide business cards? 

Answer: FDAQRC does not provide business cards for consultants. 


Question: Will you provide a laptop for me to work on your projects?  

Answer: We do not provide laptops for project work.  We expect all consultants to provide their own laptop.


Question: Do you provide VISA sponsorship? 

Answer: FDAQRC does NOT provide VISA sponsorships.